HEEC’s program goals are to:

  • provide experiential learning opportunity for students. In accordance with the the Lamar university mission of preparing students for leadership through teaching and research, HEEC creates opportunities for students to work alongside faculty members on various community and research projects. Students learn how to conduct research, present findings, and provide recommendations. In addition, through it project and networking in the community,HEEC offers students with opportunities to work with community schools, environmental programs , etc.
  • Expose students to diverse populations, work settings, and environmental related settings such as recycling facilities in order to generated interests and understanding of the health and environmental issues we face.
  • Empower communities to take actions to advance healthy living and environmental sustainability. Current environmental trends such as alternative energy, global warming, air quality, solid waste, occupational health, toxins, vector control and pollution dictate the need for the public to shift attitudes and practices to that which reflect current global trends.
  • Collaborate with existing local, national, and international individuals or groups with similar interests.